Multi Location Coffee Shop Located In The DFW Area

This business has 4 locations spread around the DFW area, with a potential 5th and 6th location going live in the near future. The business specializes in the sit-and-stay model of coffee shops. This is done by crafting an incredible coffee menu that focuses on taste rather than speed, surrounded by a cozy atmosphere where the customer feels at ease. The branding, design, vibe, and intentionality of each location show meticulous thought and attention to detail.  The business was started in 2019, survived the Covid era, and has been in growth mode since 2021.

Revenue Growth:

2020: $453K
2021: $953K
2022: $1.6M
2023E: $2M+ (currently doing $200K+/mo)

This deal will not be SBA bankable due to it being essentially a startup still, opening new locations and reinvesting for growth will not allow for traditional cash flow underwriting like an established business. The ideal Buyer will be someone already in the Coffee or Restaurant industry or an owner/operator.


DFW Area

Year Established:


Number of Employees:
32 8
Key Points:
Very Strong Brand and Culture
Established Leadership and Training Programs
Beautiful Designed Locations
Reason for Selling:

Owner has other companies they are running

Gross Revenue:


Previous Year Revenue Growth Percentage:


SBA Eligible:


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