Fairly Priced, Profitable Businesses Available to You First!

Fairly Priced, Profitable Businesses Available to You First!

With Bison, Every Business Proposition is Carefully Reviewed and Analyzed

There’s a reason our closing Success Rate is over 90% when the industry standard is ~30%. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and we turn away any listing that doesn’t pass the “would I want to buy this? and does it make financial sense at this price?” filter. We provide expert guidance through the sales process, and truly have all parties’ best interests in mind.

Businesses We Will Represent

  • Stable businesses with yearly revenue in the $1-50M range
  • Serious motivated Sellers with realistic expectations
  • Clean financials
  • Financeable through SBA, Conventional Lending, and/or Seller Notes in a
    manner that will make sense to Buyers

Businesses We Will Not Represent

  • Distressed businesses
  • Over-priced businesses
  • Under-documented, unproven, unprofitable businesses
  • Businesses in dying industries
  • Too-good-to-be-true businesses

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Buy-Side Services

Bison Business provides business buyer services seen nowhere else in the market. Choose an option based on your needs.

Pre-Market and Off-Market Newsletter

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Search-For-You Program

Made for serious buyers that want to supercharge their deal flow. We’ll source deals so you can work directly with unrepresented Sellers. Can be combined with the Buyer Sherpa Program. LEARN MORE

Buyer Sherpa Program

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Doing Business In Your Best Interest

We help good people make great business decisions.