Buyer Sherpa Program

Deal Experts to Help You Navigate Your Acquisition

Buying a business doesn’t need to be hard. Let our experienced team guide you through the process.

Once you’re interested in a particular acquisition, whether you sourced the deal yourself, or one of our Searchers found it for you, our Buyer Sherpa program is there to help you analyze, negotiate, and close your deal.

What Does the Buyer Sherpa Program Include?

All of the services in our Buyer Sherpa program can be combined with the services in our Search-For-You Program, making the business buying process seamless and easy.

Valuation opinion of target businesses

Deal structuring & negotiation (including Letters of Intent)

Connections to our preferred third-party experts in legal matters, tax, finance, Due Diligence, and more

Sourcing documentation for bank financing and/or investors

Keeping the deal on track – navigating inevitable obstacles and surprises and maximizing your odds of closing

Straight Forward Pricing


Initial Retainer: $1,950 / Up to 3 Deals

You’ll be matched with a deal expert that’s negotiated and closed at least 30 deals as an M&A advisor (most much more) who will expertly analyze, determine value, and help you craft an offer that works for you, the seller, banks, and investors (if applicable).

Milestone Success:
Each Successful LOI

Charged once LOI has been negotiated and countersigned/accepted. At this point the Sherpa will help you through the myriad of challenges getting financing approved, due diligence completed, closing checklists completed, and all the inevitable surprises that pop up and try to kill your deal before closing (dealing with landlords, lawyers, angry spouses, you name it).

Milestone Success:
 1.5% ($15K minimum)

Success fee at closing can typically be financed into the loan costs, but is due upon your deal crossing the finish line


Can this be combined with the Search-For-You Program?

Yes. Retainer is waived for Sherpa is charged for Search Program Clients. But the success fees for the Sherpa program do apply if you want our assistance analyzing, negotiating, and closing your deal. Both success fees will apply at closing if you’re in both programs simultaneously.

Who are the Sherpas?

Experienced transaction advisors that have worked on dozens of transactions buy-side and sell-side and can help you navigate the process. You will get a chance to interview your Sherpa before you engage with us and make sure they’re a good fit.

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Doing Business In Your Best Interest

We help good people make great business decisions.

Bison Business LLC (“we,” “our,” “us”) will be furnishing you confidential information pertaining to one or more businesses we represent (“the Business”). As consideration for obtaining this information including but not limited to a confidential business review (CBR), financial documents, employee information and other trade secrets, you agree that:

All verbal or written information furnished to you pertaining to the Business will be confidential. For a period of five years from the signing date, you will not use this information to compete against the Business, nor will you disclose it to any person(s) or entity(ies) other than those assisting you in its evaluation for the sole purpose of your potential acquisition.

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not contact the Seller, nor will you contact any of the Business’s employees.

If you decide that you do not wish to pursue an acquisition, you will advise us of this, return all information furnished to you, and delete all electronic copies.

If you negotiate with the Seller to purchase or lease the Business or its Assets without our involvement, you will be responsible for paying our full commission and associated damages.

You acknowledge that we represent the Seller, and that all information concerning Seller’s Business and Assets, whether furnished before or after the execution of this Agreement, was and is supplied by Seller to us, and that we have not made nor do make any warranty or representation as to the genuineness, accuracy, and truthfulness of any and all information of the Business. Bison Business makes no guarantees regarding the future value of the Business, and acts merely as a conduit for information between Seller and you.