Buying and Selling Businesses That Make the World a Better Place

Buying and Selling Businesses That Make the World a Better Place

What is it Like Working With Bison Business?

Our mission is to help good people make great business deals. We hold our team to a standard of integrity, honesty, and responsibility, and we expect that same standard from our clients.

Core Values

Great businesses can’t be built without values. Explore what being a great business means to us.


  • God and Family are more important than business. We will not compromise our faith or families for money, nor ask others to.
  • If we wouldn’t do something in your situation, we recommend you don’t do it, even if it costs us money.


  • We back each other up, communicate, and collaborate.
  • We work with other brokers (co-broker) when it makes sense.
  • We pay finder’s fees.


  • We heavily invest in ongoing education and constantly earn new accreditations, keeping up to speed with the latest business information and technology.
  • We read books and trade publications daily and attend several conferences and training events annually.
  • We stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques, leveraging technology for our clients and ourselves.


  • We are as transparent as possible: We clearly communicate what we can and cannot do for you, set realistic expectations, and deliver.
  • We don’t sell businesses that we wouldn’t be proud to own.
  • We are people of action and own our results. We make no excuses.

Satisfied Buyers and Sellers

  • "They were very helpful through the whole process, expertly facilitating communication between us and the seller at all times. Their expertise and professionalism is unparalleled."

  • "Working with the Bison Business team gave me the confidence I needed to leave my financial services career and finally take control of my future as a business owner. Never been happier!"

  • "Clint's creativity, professionalism, and dedication to the deal are abundant and valuable to every phase of the sale. I will always make myself personally available to discuss my experience with Bison Business."

    Frank Prior, OWNER, ATX BIKES
  • "After several years with another brokerage and no results I switched to Bison Business. Within 30 days, we had 4 prospects. Within 60 days, we had 3 offers. At 98 days, we closed. I am so thankful for Bison Business."

  • "It was great working with Bison Business. The comprehensive sales packet they provided at the beginning of the process was exactly what I needed to make an informed decision."


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Bison Business LLC (“we,” “our,” “us”) will be furnishing you confidential information pertaining to one or more businesses we represent (“the Business”). As consideration for obtaining this information including but not limited to a confidential business review (CBR), financial documents, employee information and other trade secrets, you agree that:

All verbal or written information furnished to you pertaining to the Business will be confidential. For a period of five years from the signing date, you will not use this information to compete against the Business, nor will you disclose it to any person(s) or entity(ies) other than those assisting you in its evaluation for the sole purpose of your potential acquisition.

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not contact the Seller, nor will you contact any of the Business’s employees.

If you decide that you do not wish to pursue an acquisition, you will advise us of this, return all information furnished to you, and delete all electronic copies.

If you negotiate with the Seller to purchase or lease the Business or its Assets without our involvement, you will be responsible for paying our full commission and associated damages.

You acknowledge that we represent the Seller, and that all information concerning Seller’s Business and Assets, whether furnished before or after the execution of this Agreement, was and is supplied by Seller to us, and that we have not made nor do make any warranty or representation as to the genuineness, accuracy, and truthfulness of any and all information of the Business. Bison Business makes no guarantees regarding the future value of the Business, and acts merely as a conduit for information between Seller and you.