Let us Find Your Ideal Acquisition

Let us Find Your Ideal Acquisition

Sourcing exclusive business buying opportunities
for you

We will do outreach on your behalf to hundreds of business owners monthly that fit your search criteria, and interview and screen them to ensure they are in the right business size range, geography, and industry and would like to entertain an offer to sell.


Deals matching your exact parameters

Every deal exclusive to you for a window of time

Approach sellers directly without competition

Straight Forward Pricing


Monthly Cost: $750/Mo
Appointment Fees: $0-499k EBITDA: $250/per appt
$500k-999k EBITDA: $500/per appt
$1M+ EBITDA: $750/per appt
Success Fee: 2% on Deals $3M or more in Purchase Price or 3% on Deals <$3M
Guarantee: We’ll contact a minimum of 250 qualified, off-market prospects every month.


Do I have to pay a success fee if I buy a business represented by Bison Business?

No. If while searching for you, one of our Sell-Side brokers lists a deal you like and end up buying, there will be no success fee owed by Buyer as we are paid by the Seller in that scenario. Search program success fee only applies to off-market deals we sourced for you, without a broker involved in the transaction.

Are you just mass emailing?

No. This is a labor intensive search process that includes personalized emails, phone calls, social media messages, and traditional mail to give maximum odds of response to companies on our list that fit your criteria.

Do other Buyers get the same leads?

No. We don’t search for multiple Buyers in the same size, industry, and geographic area. Any Seller Leads will be unique to you and you will have a 60-day window of exclusivity with the Seller. If you pass or fail to come to terms with Seller, we reserve the right to connect that Seller to other potential Buyers or represent them Sell-Side after 60 days.

I’m planning on buying multiple businesses. Can we turn the search program on and off periodically?

Yes. Once you’re setup we can pause the program while you negotiate/close a deal and start it back up when you’re ready for your next one!

Not for the Casual
Business Shopper

Are you ready to take things seriously? We provide committed business buyers with supercharged deal flows.

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