Sell Your Business With Bison and Get 95-100% of Your Asking Price

Join Our “Business-Selling Machine”

At Bison Business, we curate matches between sustainable, profitable businesses and motivated, qualified buyers. We do a good job too: we sell over 90% of the businesses we represent. Industry standard is less than 30%.

If your business qualifies for Sell-Side representation, we’re so confident that we will get the job done, we’re the only brokerage with a ‘double-your-money-back’ guarantee if your business does not sell. We will give you $5,000 back (double the up-front fee). See terms and conditions.

– Business must not decline more than 5% in earnings during listing period
– Any offer 90% or more of Price Target during listing period removes the money-back guarantee regardless of Seller’s acceptance or not

High Standards, Strong Results

Bison Business works with any industry, anywhere in the United States, but we only sell businesses that meet our high standards.

We do everything in our power to assess your business for a fair valuation. Just be warned: we don’t sugarcoat anything. Not our valuations, not your bottom line, not growth projections, employees, or troubled history. Transparency and integrity is the name of the game, and we’re playing for the long haul.

Qualities We Look For:

• Privately-owned and profitable businesses
• $1M – $50M in revenue
• Business value between $500K
• and $25M*
• Three or more full years of financials preferred

We Do Not Sell:

• Unprofitable businesses
• Distressed businesses
• Turnaround situations
• Under-documented, unproven businesses (one full year in business is the absolute minimum)
• Businesses in dying industries

*If your business is smaller than we usually accept, we can refer you to reputable business brokers. If your business is larger than we usually accept, we can refer you to specialty M&A firms.

Simplify Your Change of Ownership

We’ve streamlined the selling process – assessing your business, taking care of the marketing, vetting the buyers, facilitating the deal, assisting in the transition, and more. Our team of in-house experts work behind-the-scenes so you can continue “business as usual.”

What We’ll Handle for You:

Assessment & Marketing

  • Initial interview to learn about the business
  • Business evaluation
  • Present valuation and exclusive representation deal
  • Build business package and marketing presentation

Sourcing Buyers

  • Initial launch to internal buyer network
  • Secondary launch to external sources
  • Screen and interview potential Buyers
  • Provide potential Buyers with NDAs and information about the deal
  • Connect vetted and informed Buyers with the Seller

Negotiating the Deal

  • Negotiate offers with the Buyer candidates
  • Selection of candidate/offer by Seller
  • Help you navigate seller financing, earnouts, holdbacks, working capital, and other terms beyond ‘price’ to maximize your results.

Closing & Transitioning

  • Aid Buyer and Seller with Due Diligence
  • Source third-party financing and appraisals
  • Work with lawyers and CPAs to guide deal through final purchase documents and closing
  • Provide transition support

Timeline, Pricing, and Guarantee

The selling process takes nine months on average, but can be as fast as three months and occasionally takes over a year.

We charge a small up-front Marketing Fee of $2,500 to get started, and a commission (success fee) upon successfully closing the deal. We don’t make any profit unless the client closes their deal. Commission percentage varies based on the size of the deal. Contact us for a complimentary ballpark valuation and quote for representation.

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Let us set your business up for success, whether you’re looking to sell or improve your business. Choose any combination of options based on your needs.

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