Why Buying and Selling Businesses with Bison Business Works

At Bison Business, our signature is fair pricing on quality, private business listings that are run by high-integrity owners who keep clean books. With tried and true methods, as well as years of experience in buying and selling businesses, our team at Bison Business delivers quality results that only benefit our clients. So, what else sets us apart? At the risk of revealing our “secret sauce,” here’s a glimpse into the machine that helps us deliver incredibly consistent results to business sellers and buyers alike, closing after closing.

Our Philosophy for Buying and Selling Companies

What’s our philosophy when it comes to buying and selling? It’s simple: we never take on deals we wouldn’t buy with our own money. In fact, we turn away 70-80% of business owners that ask us to sell their businesses. If your business is in decline, distressed, in a dying industry, too dependent on you as the owner, won’t qualify for a bank loan, or you’re unrealistic on price expectations after seeing our ballpark valuation, we usually say, “Thanks, but no thanks,” and decline to represent you. Due to our high standards, buyers trust us, trust our listings, and line up with cash in hand.

Our reputation is more valuable than any single deal. We will always choose integrity in the marketplace over an opportunity for short term financial gain. At Bison Business, we pride ourselves on being a values-first company that was established on hard work and business savvy, as well as ethical practices. In addition to our primary philosophy, our goal is to bring transparency into buying and selling a business in Texas. So, what else makes us different from the typical business broker?

Access to Qualified Buyers

Unlike other brokers, more than 50% of our deals originate from our private network. We have thousands of subscribers to our industry-leading VIP email list who are impatient for the next pre-screened business purchase opportunity. We may even have an ideal buyer in mind that we contact directly on your behalf! With this advantage, your business will sell quicker and you can get your payout faster. Qualified buyers also ensure that you get what your business is worth and you won’t be stuck waiting for a better offer. 

Utilizing Technology

Our team at Bison Business prides ourselves on using technology better than anyone else in the business. This leads to faster deals and keeps your confidential information secure. Our staff is a lot younger and more tech-savvy than most brokerage owners. This means modern and up-to-date technology and methods will be used to ensure your business gets sold quickly and efficiently. 

Bison Business has made serious investments in technology and systems, including a well-organized back-end buyer database, electronic NDAs, document vaults, great website and marketing, social media, SEO, online ads, videos, podcasts, and more. We leverage technology to show your business to the right people and close the deal quickly.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You don’t get just one broker here. With Bison Business, you get a Business Certified Appraiser with a background in commercial lending who will price your business right and arrange pre-qualified lending options. In addition, you get a team of producers who show and sell your business to our extensive buyer network spanning across all of Texas. Our in-house support staff creates amazing confidential presentations to inform qualified buyers after they’ve signed NDAs. Lastly, you have the help of internet marketers promoting your business across a myriad of online marketplaces, as well as telemarketers calling targeted lists of buyer candidates. With our extensive network and team, selling a business in Texas is easier than ever.

We all work together, leveraging our skills and brainpower to complete the deal. If you want to win a championship, you need more than the single best player, you need the best team. Buying and selling a business is the Super Bowl of your professional life and we have a stable of winning talent ready to work for you.

 Buying and Selling Businesses With Us

All that said, here at Bison Business, we’re known for curating matches between established, profitable businesses and qualified, cash-in-hand buyers. We do everything in our power to assess your business for a fair valuation and simplify the change of ownership, which results in freeing you up to live your life and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Our team is made up of friendly, down-to-earth people running a professional brokerage, but nothing about our listing process is casual or flippant. We have created a “business selling machine” to quickly deliver the drama-free result you deserve.

Buying a new business or selling your business can unlock the future you’ve dreamed about and Bison Business makes it possible.

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