Probably a Good Deal Newsletter Explained

The major SMB (small-midsize business) marketplaces are littered with low-quality and overpriced deals. The newsletter is a way to get curated, high-quality deals delivered straight to your inbox, often before they hit the market anywhere else.

Over 2000 people have joined my “Probably a Good Deal” newsletter and I haven’t properly explained it yet. Here’s how it works and how it’s evolving.


This is our newsletter Logo and reads PAGD

It’s free to signup on my profile or HERE

Free subscribers get periodic roundup emails of interesting businesses for sale from all over the country that looks good – early notice of all Bison Business deals since all of ours are good.

They also get:

  • PAGD off-market exclusive deals on a 2-week delay (coming soon) 
  • other valuable educational content or special offers applicable to active biz buyers periodically to provide add’l value

There’s also a Paid Membership option/upgrade that’s $100/mo for serious SMB Buyers and has limited spots.

Paid members, in addition to all of the above, get the following: 

  • 2 or more large, off-market or pre-market exclusive deals with video overviews

These paying exclusive member deals are guaranteed to be: 

  • 500K+ EBITDA – Not listed yet on any online marketplace, a true first look
  • Reasonable valuation expectations (nothing crazy overpriced) and financeable 

Also, to make the paid membership risk-free, we refund all members $100 any month we can’t find enough off-market deals that fit the size and quality standards.

So don’t hesitate to sign up, you’ll see great exclusive deals before anyone else, or it costs you $0.

Paying Members also get awesome free swag like our incredible SELL ME YOUR BUSINESS T-Shirt and other periodic gifts and goodies!!

Sell me your business T-Shirt linking to this Newsletter!  Newsletter T-shirt that links to Bison Business

If you’re a high-quality broker or M&A advisor that would like to feature your best deals periodically before they go to the market to our buyer group, introduce yourself by emailing Elyssa with the subject PAGD (Probably A Good Deal Newsletter)

It’s free for you and a great pre-promo.

Or if you’re a biz owner wanting to DIY your biz sale, and your biz earns over 500K annually, and you have reasonable valuation expectations, you can DM me on being featured directly on the list as well. Have to pass my quality control check.

I appreciate all of you early adopters that have signed up or become members through these first few months of trying to figure this out. I anticipate greatly increased deal flow as this thing catches on and, eventually, its own proprietary search team.

I hate spam and will send 1-4 emails a month only, and make sure they all have good stuff in them, so I hope to see you on the email list and that you’ll join the PAGD family!

Please share this and help get the word out so we can build this baby!

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All verbal or written information furnished to you pertaining to the Business will be confidential. For a period of five years from the signing date, you will not use this information to compete against the Business, nor will you disclose it to any person(s) or entity(ies) other than those assisting you in its evaluation for the sole purpose of your potential acquisition.

Unless we agree otherwise in writing, you will not contact the Seller, nor will you contact any of the Business’s employees.

If you decide that you do not wish to pursue an acquisition, you will advise us of this, return all information furnished to you, and delete all electronic copies.

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