Transmission Engineering Contractor Serving Power/Utility Companies

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This business operates in one of the hottest sectors of the market right now, infrastructure. They provide project management, inspection, and foundation construction services for electric substations and transmission lines. With the growth of the Texas population along with the federal infrastructure spending, this business is positioned well for growth over the coming years. The current owner has assembled a team that is comprised of knowledgeable and extremely experienced industry professionals. This is a fully remote business that allows the owners to work from home with the occasional travel necessary to meet with clients.

This business is a registered engineering firm with the State of Texas and state law requires them to keep this registration active, a new owner will have to be an engineer or is required to have at least one professional engineer on its payroll to keep this registration active. A new owner would need to assume this same responsibility.



Year Established:


Key Points:

Home Based
Experienced employees that are okay with mostly part time work on an as needed basis
Multi-year inspection contract
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Click to Sign the NDA