Electrical Contractor Within a Fast-Growing Niche

This business is a prominent 37+ year electrical contractor in the greater Houston area. The company is known for reliably performing residential and commercial new construction, remodels, and service work. Additionally, the company sells, installs, and maintains Generac Generators. Plus, due to the high demand for electric car charging stations and in conjunction with an area car dealership, the company started installing electric vehicle charging stations.

This is a financially sound organization, growing (on average) revenue and adjusted profit 22% year-over-year for the last four years. Their new EV charging station product is slated to double in growth year-over-year, with a new owner able to net $3.6K per day on installations. This growth is expected to continue as consumers need electrical contractors to install charging stations for electric vehicles.

The business has a clientele base of recurring and new customers, including general contractors and franchisees; with the retention of their top 10 customers averaging 7 years. Their customers are loyal, reliable, and appreciate quality work.

This sale is perfect for an existing shop looking to increase their customer book or service territory, or an individual with business experience that can manage operations. Additionally, there is an option for the new owner to purchase the real estate associated with the company if they so choose.




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