Holistic Austin landscaping business lands itself in new caring hands

An established landscaping company in a bustling community that has a loyal customer base is worth its weight in gold. One with a strong dependable team, consistent company growth, and room to expand, just adds to the value of the company. When you take those highly sought-after business attributes and put them on the open market, you will garner a lot of attention.

Not only did BioGardener of Austin, TX meet all those benchmarks, it took a responsibility a step further. BioGardener was founded in 2003 by Jeremy Walther, a Texas A&M graduate with a passion for wildlife and agricultural sciences. Jeremy wanted a deeper connection and to make an impact on the environment, so he started BioGardener. A holistic approach to landscaping with an organic and responsible approach on how to treat the land, plants, and wildlife that are affected by landscaping services.  

To no surprise, this technique was loved by the greater Austin community and brought BioGardener success. This achievement attracted the perfect buyer, Phillip Roberts, who shared similar passions for responsible earth management. Phillip was thrilled to take over the helm from Walther. Texas Business Buyers brokered the transaction between these two eco-conscious Austin area businessmen, allowing BioGardener and its’ team to continue providing eco-focused management in urban areas.

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